Syed Muzammil Hussain                            Ghazala Yasmin


It is a pleasure for us as parents of  an USWIAN  Syed Shokaib Hassan to appreciate the USWA College Islamabad for providing quality education  to  our youth. The organization  managing the college is  highly appreciated for taking care of youth in line wit Islamic teachings.Our son has revealed  lot of stories about how great people are there at USWACollege. We  have interviewed some of students and found them  very much responsible and capable of shouldering responsibilities of the modern day world.Dear StudentsWe are doing some social work  to serve humanity. Please come forward and be  part of our team. Kindly read our messages and reply positively. Please note that service to humanity is a noble cause and  USWIANS can contribute  in any form.  May Allah be with you. 

Syed Muzammil Hussain
Ghazala Yasmeen