Welcome to Website of Old Uswians

A gift from Syed Shokaib Hassan to all old Uswians
Sorry I was busy in my University……But Now I m back......

Uswa, The Great College

Welcome to Old Uswian Association

The purpose of this site is to become a source of communication  between Uswa College and its  old Students.The college where we  spent  2 to 6 years of our life  cannot be neglected so this site is a proof of our  love  for our  teachers,Pricipal and College as a whole.

Uswa College can  now contact its old students through this website and vise versa.

Here u will find the whole biodata of all old students and much more.

By the Grace of God, now this website has started working properly.

This website is progressing fastly and by the passage of time this  will be  improved if all old uswians and faculty of  the college  coperate.

Don't forget to share your old memories.Please also share your feedback in the  feedback page.

Proud to ba Uswian
Proud to be Pakistani


Syed Shokaib Hassan
website creator

Our Principal

I am glad to learn that old Uswians are about to launch their website. It could serve as an effective tool to foster mutual goodwill, share knowledge and benefit from each others’  experience. Let it be worthy of the lofty ideas of your great Almamater. You have the honour to be the first Entry but simultaneously have a responsibility to build healthy traditions of Uswians family.  Your interest in launching this website and forming the Old Boys Association at this early stage of your career shows your sincerity and attachment with your institution. I hope all of you who are pioneering this project fully realize the responsibilities attached to such an association. As this association expands with the passage of time, it will gather momentum in terms of its activities as well as responsibilities. I wish you good luck and Godspeed.  

          Brig (R) Ghulam Ali

Once We were together


Location of College

Old Uswians' College is located near 6 km from Islamabad Highway on Japan Road near Naval Anchorage.


Vice Principal Sir Hussnain(right side) and Sir Naveed
Note:-Message from Ex. VP will be uploaded soon


Old Uswian's Teachers


Something about college in poetry


Uswa college, truly a college
Which has a commitment to spread knwledge
It in a true sense does unleash the potential

And brings strength and inner ability to a level substantial
A college where students are taught

The truths sublime with morals fraught
A college where students learn 

Knowledge beneficial values which honour earn
A college where students explore

The sky unlimited, to heights they soar
A college where students refine

Their roughness and crudity with wisdom's wine
A college whose teachers take each student

To paths enlightened and vallies verdant
A college where by sage teachers are taught

Words of wisdom that by students are zealously sought
This college's loftiness, greatness and stability

Is due to staff's and students honesty and sagacity
This college will make our nation rise

To achieve this great aim we all are poised 
poem from SMJK